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What makes you different from other real estate coaches?

Unlike the 'one-size-fits-all' advice you're used to, we tailor our strategies to fit you like a glove. Plus, I've been in the trenches—no theory, just real, proven tactics that work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect to see results after joining the Market Authority Academy?

While I can't promise overnight success (because let's be real, this isn't a fairy tale), most agents start seeing tangible progress within the first few months. Patience, grasshopper!

Do I need to have a certain level of experience in real estate to benefit from your coaching/guides?

Whether you're green and keen or a seasoned pro, there's room for growth. The only requirement? A willingness to learn and do the work.

Can your strategies work in any real estate market?

Absolutely. I've coached real estate agents in just about every state in the US and almost each province in Canada. North America homies, unite!

Is Stefanie available for private speaking or coaching engagement?

Say more! Stefanie is taking on a limited number of speaking opportunities, so share your dates and your vision and lets see if it works. Send an email to start.

Does Stefanie do 1:1 coaching?

Stefanie takes on a very select number of 1:1 clients per year. Please book a strategy call for the Market Authority Academy to learn more.

I run a team/brokerage. Can Stefanie train my agents?

Yep, been there, done that! Please book a strategy call to learn about bulk-licensing opportunities for team leaders and brokers.

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