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Ready to give your real estate business a serious boost? Our 4-Week Level Up Your Real Estate Business Challenge is here to help you get organized, stay on track, and see real results—all in just one month.

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The Level Up Bundle

Save $300 when you bundle No Fail Follow Up, Referral Mastery, and Time Management.

The No-fail follow guide: scripts, templates, and essential follow up campaigns designed to win clients for life

referral mastery, with customizable marketing plans, get-back-in-touch campaigns, and the referral script collection

time management for realtors, with the most flexible and adaptable time management system out there

With the Bundle, You'll Get Instant Access to The Entire 2024 Guide Collection, Including:

Instant Access: You'll get all the files transferred to you through a simple, easy-to-follow PDF workbook, and Google Docs for quick-saving and instant implementation. You'll love being able to make your own customizations to the scripts and templates for even more authenticity!

Referral Ask Scripts and Transition Techniques: Referral Ask Script Collection (instead of this - say this guide), Transition Techniques to take a casual conversation to an "in the bag" referral, Script Customization Guidelines, Role-play Scenarios for real world situations. 

Value: $325

Instant Access: The PDF Workbook includes 30+ pages of your example routines and schedules, including real scheduled used by top producing agents. Simply download as a PDF file and save for lifetime access. 

The Masterclass: An hour+ pre-recorded coaching call will walk through exactly how to implement the schedules and routine formulas, so you can customize them to infinity and beyond. 

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When you bundle, you're not just getting three of our top-notch guides. You're also getting a trio of awesome extras that'll really up your real estate game, and they won't cost you a dime extra:

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The Bundle Bonuses

Instant Access: You’ll get all the files transferred to you through a simple, easy-to-follow PDF workbook, and Google Docs for quick-saving and instant implementation. You’ll love being able to make your own customizations to the scripts and templates for even more authenticity!

30 conversation starters and a “Say This, Not That” guide to refine your communication, ensuring every word you choose builds rapport and trust. Over 40+ email subject lines designed to boost your open rates, you’ll cut through the noise and capture your clients’ attention. Lead follow-up tracker, helping you track progress, stay on top of your game, and never let a potential opportunity slip through the cracks.

  • Client Onboarding Sequence ($99 Value): This isn't just a bunch of templates. It's your roadmap to turn potential leads into happy clients, packed with easy-to-follow actions and CRM tricks to make every lead feel like a VIP.

  • Client for Life Sequence ($99 Value): The relationship doesn't end at closing! This sequence is your toolkit to keep clients coming back, whether they're looking to buy again or refer their friends to you.

  • Quarterly Planner Workbook ($99 Value): Forget about flying by the seat of your pants. This workbook is your game plan for the year, breaking down what you need to do each quarter to hit your goals and stay on track

what's on deck

Introducing a straightforward, results-oriented collection of guides for real estate pros who are serious about getting organized, getting consistent, and seeing tangible results in their follow-up, referrals, and time management. 

Designed with the no-nonsense, results-driven real estate professional in mind, these guides cut through the fluff and provide practical, step-by-step strategies that truly work.

Say farewell to the one-size-fits-all approach and the endless hours lost in attempting to piece together your own systems. My instantly downloadable guides deliver the structured approach and impactful results of bespoke business coaching at just a fraction of the cost.

Each guide is meticulously crafted to be fully adaptable, fitting seamlessly into any business model, with clear, actionable content that's ready to implement. With these resources, you're not just buying a guide; you're investing in a proven system to elevate your real estate business's efficiency and effectiveness.

Meet your coach

I'm Stefanie Lugo. Wanna learn how to create clients who create clients?

It's not just about closing the next deal; it's about building relationships that generate a continuous cycle of referrals. With a proven track record in the real estate industry, I've mastered the art of nurturing connections that don't just end at the sale. I believe in the power of genuine engagement and strategic networking, enabling you to grow your business organically and sustainably. Through the Referral Mastery Guide, I'm thrilled to share with you the exact strategies I've used and refined over the years.

So, if you're ready to ditch the high-pressure sales tactics and expensive marketing gimmicks for authentic and lasting client relationships, I'm here to guide you. Together, we'll unlock the potential of your network, transforming satisfied clients into your most passionate advocates. Let's create a referral-driven business that not only thrives but also resonates with the core of who you are as a real estate professional.

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