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The #1 Mistake Real Estate Agents Make That Repels Clients | #MarketAuthorityShow

June 13, 2024

Hello, I'm Stefanie
I'm your real estate business coach, turning those big, scary ideas into simple, doable steps to help you stand out and succeed. Let's make magic happen together!
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In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into the #1 mistake real estate agents make that repels clients—frantic, chaotic energy. This is something both seasoned and new agents struggle with, especially in today’s clunky market. 🤯

In this video, you’ll learn:
– How to identify if you’re falling into the trap of frantic energy
– The negative impact it has on your business and client relationships
– Simple, effective strategies to shift to a calm, confident energy that attracts opportunities 🌟

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0:00 – Intro 2:32 – Get the Free Replay
3:48 – How Frantic Energy is Impacting Your Business
11:18 – Gut Check: Does This Sound Like You
14:44 – The Solution: Organization
21:13 – Strategies to Get More Organized
26:10 – The Importance of Planning Ahead
31:00 – Delegate and Automate as Much as Possible
33:59 – How Would Your Energy Change
34:57 – Take Action on the Last Training

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// ABOUT ME I’m Stefanie Lugo, your real estate business coach! I’m the OG Systems Gal, or rather, the real estate agent & founder behind the Market Authority. I’ve learned a bit after ten years in real estate—right in the action and guiding folks like you. My tried-and-tested methods have helped agents double their deals (or more!) and find that sweet spot of work-life balance they never thought possible. This Academy is me handing over the keys to the kingdom, those same strategies that worked wonders for me and many others. It’s about more than just getting by in real estate; it’s about owning it. Ready to step up with the pros and make your mark?


Hi, I'm Stefanie

I'm a savvy real estate strategist, passionate about empowering agents with practical solutions that streamline client interactions and amplify growth—without sacrificing work-life balance.

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Stefanie Lugo

I'm the OG Systems Gal, or rather, the realtor behind the Market Authority Academy. I've learned a bit after ten years in real estate—right in the action and guiding folks like you. My tried-and-tested methods have helped agents double their deals (or more!) and find that sweet spot of work-life balance they never thought possible.

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