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The Systems You Need to Grow Your Biz with Joshua Smith

February 23, 2024

Hello, I'm Stefanie
I'm your real estate business coach, turning those big, scary ideas into simple, doable steps to help you stand out and succeed. Let's make magic happen together!
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When I speak with top performing agents and real estate pros, the one thing I’m always amazed by is their level of service back to the industry. Our guest today is one of those guys.

Bryce and I met Joshua Smith the first day we became real estate agents. He is an agent at our brokerage in Scottsdale, and at first we just thought he was this really cool, nice dude. Turns out, he’s got a resume to match.

Joshua started the Revisto Real Estate Team in 2006 and between himself and his team, they’ve sold over 6,000 homes and consistently do over $100million in gross volume. He’s been named among the 30 Top Realtors in America by the Wall Street Journal, an NAR 30 Under 30 Finalist, and in 2018 was named among the Top 100 most influential people in real estate.

In addition to running his real estate team, he is the host of the GSD Mode Podcast, Co-Owner of Perfect Storm – a website and CRM platform for realtors, Owner/Founder of the Mastery Bootcamp Coaching Program where he has coached over 5,000 REALTORS team leaders and brokerage owners all over the US & Canada.

Believe me when I say, Joshua knows how to inspire action in real estate agents, and that’s exactly what we aimed to do together in this episode of the market authority show.

In this discussion we cover:
– Scaling your business with intent
– Systems you need to grow your business
– How to stay consistent with your growth
– Monitoring metrics for explosive results
– and so much more!

Follow Joshua:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/joshuasmithgsd
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JoshuaSmithAZ
Joshua’s Free Book: www.JoshuaSmithFREEBook.com

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Hi, I'm Stefanie

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