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The No-Fail
Follow Up Guide

For Real Estate Agents

Without great follow-up, you won't have consistent sales.
Let's fix that.

Never miss a beat or lose a lead with structured campaigns that keep you on track and in touch.

Break the ice and build rapport with conversation starters that genuinely engage, included with a guide to refining your dialogue for more meaningful connections.

Capture attention and boost your open rates with over 40 subject line formulas proven to pique interest and prompt action

Yes please!

here's the thing...

Follow-up doesn’t have to be cumbersome, overly time-consuming, or inherently salesy.

5 Completely customizable follow up campaigns to qualify your leads and reach out tailored to their timeline.

40+ subject lines for emails that get opened. also super helpful as social media hooks, headlines, and more!

Organize, prioritize, and strategize your follow-ups with our simple, preformatted lead tracker shared in google sheets

Turn "i don't know what to say!" into "done!"

Here's what's inside

30 conversation starters that can be used as texts, phone call guides, or social media dm's to break the ice

The "say this, not that" guide that gives you simple swaps that will turn "just checking in" to something special 

Because "I don't know what to say!" isn't a good enough excuse to leave your clients hanging. It's time to stop ghosting, and start leading with authentic follow up.

Instant Access Materials: Once you sign up, you'll receive a PDF workbook and Google Docs links for immediate download. These resources are not just ready to use but also customizable, allowing you to tweak scripts and templates to better match your style and approach.

Customizable Communication Tools:
  • 30 Conversation Starters: Kick off interactions that resonate. These starters are designed to engage and make every conversation meaningful.
  • "Say This, Not That" Guide: Enhance your communication with this guide, ensuring you're building trust and rapport with every word.
  • Email Engagement Boosters: Over 40 email subject lines crafted to increase your open rates. With these, you'll stand out in your clients' inboxes, grabbing their attention right from the get-go.
  • Lead Follow-Up Tracker: No CRM? We can work with that. I'll give you a perfectly formatted tool to monitor your leads, ensuring no lead is forgotten or neglected. It's your personal assistant in making sure you're always ahead in your follow-up game.

With these components, the No-Fail Follow Up System is your all-in-one solution to refine your follow-up strategy, personalize your communications, and keep your lead engagement organized and effective.

Just $325

The No-Fail Follow Up Guide is for You

You're Eager to Stand Out: If you're committed to setting yourself apart in the bustling real estate market by ensuring every lead is engaged with a personalized, thoughtful approach, this guide is your secret weapon.

You Value Every Lead: Ideal for agents who understand that every lead is a potential relationship and opportunity, and are determined to leave no stone unturned in their follow-up process, ensuring no potential client slips through the cracks.


You Seek Efficiency and Connection: Perfect for professionals who want to blend systematic efficiency with genuine, relationship-building communication, turning every follow-up into an opportunity to deepen connections and build trust.

Get the System for just $325

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Meet your coach

I'm Stefanie Lugo. Let's get you from feeling like you're "chasing" to confidently guiding.

In the real estate world, the fortune is in the follow-up, and I'm here to show you how it's done. My strategies are designed not just to teach you how to follow up but to change the way you think about engaging with your leads. It's about creating a connection, building trust, and setting the stage for a lasting relationship with every client.

With the No Fail Follow Up Guide, I'm excited to share with you the very tactics that have helped hundreds of agents grow their business, nurture their leads, and stand out in a competitive market. Let's dive in and transform your follow-up game together.

foUNDER of market authority
your real estate business coach