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The Time Management Guide

For Real Estate Agents

You know what you need to do to be successful. Now, you'll finally have the time and space to make it happen.

Steal Our real-deal schedules used by successful realtors Tailor them to your day, and watch your productivity and clarity skyrocket

Master Your Time Like a Pro:  real-world, battle-tested strategies that transform chaotic days into structured success

Customized Routine Cocktails: Mix and match from our routine formulas for the perfect daily plan. Whether you're tackling back-to-back showings or strategizing growth, there's a formula that fits.

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If you're spending more time trying to decide what to do than actually doing it, this is for you.

step-by-step guide that breaks down your most important timeblocks, routines and schedules

Learn concrete time management rules that you can apply immediately to start saving hours each week

four distinct routine formulas, each designed to cater to different types of realtor workdays

Plug and play task list for real estate agents who aren't afraid to work, but need a checklist to follow

A simple 4-step analysis to identify schedule weak spots so you can make a small change for big impact

an inside look at dozens of other real estate agents schedules and routines so you can see how others are making it work

Here's what's inside

The vibe? Imagine grabbing a coffee with a mentor who’s seen it all in real estate.

Instant Access to the Workbook: You'll get a detailed PDF workbook with over 30 pages, which includes:
  • Example Routines: Discover the four essential routines every real estate agent should integrate into their day for peak performance.
  • Diverse Schedules: Access real-life schedule examples tailored for various types of agents – whether you're part-time, a full-time parent juggling real estate, or a full-time agent committed to maximizing your effort and results.

The Time Management Masterclass: Engage with an extensive pre-recorded coaching session that provides a deep dive into implementing and customizing the provided schedules and routines. This masterclass is your step-by-step guide to molding these time management strategies to suit your specific circumstances and goals.

Routine and Schedule Builder Workbook: Alongside the main workbook, you'll receive a specialized tool to help you construct your own routines and schedules. This interactive workbook is designed to assist you in crafting a time management system that resonates with your personal and professional life, ensuring you can maintain focus, productivity, and balance.

With the Time Management Guide, you're equipped with not just strategies but practical tools and real examples to revolutionize your daily schedule. Whether you're adjusting to the industry part-time, managing family commitments, or pushing your career to full throttle, this guide and its accompanying resources are tailored to help you succeed on your terms.

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The Time Management Guide is for You

You're Done with the Guesswork: If you're fed up with starting your day without a clear plan and feeling like you're always playing catch-up, this guide is your roadmap to a structured, purpose-driven routine that sets you up for success.

You Crave Efficiency: Ideal for realtors who know time is money and want to squeeze every productive minute out of their day. If you're eager to transform downtime into growth time and streamline your schedule for peak performance, this guide is tailor-made for you.


You're Ready for Balance and Growth: Perfect for agents who are not only aiming to excel in their career but also want to enjoy a well-rounded life. If you're looking to optimize your routines to align with both your business ambitions and personal well-being, this guide is your golden ticket.

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Meet your coach

Hey! I'm Stefanie Lugo, and I know a thing or two about wasting time, and making the most of it.

When I welcomed my second child, my already packed schedule seemed to vanish into thin air. Juggling parenthood and a thriving real estate career, I hit a turning point—the realization that to keep my business afloat and family life joyful, I needed a solid plan.

I've been where you are, feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to fit everything into 24 short hours. But through trial, error, and a lot of coffee, I crafted a system that not only saved my sanity but propelled my business to new heights. Now, I'm here to share that very system with you. Let's transform your busy days into a well-oiled machine, where stress is low and productivity skyrockets. Ready to reclaim your time and energy? Let's get started.

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your real estate business coach