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The Referral
Mastery Guide

For Real Estate Agents

Say goodbye to awkward asks and hello to a real estate biz where referrals flow naturally, supported by genuine relationships and strategic, thoughtful communication.

Plug and Play Referral Marketing Plans, Tailored to fit any stage of your business

Touch-base campaigns that Reignite past client relationships and warm up your network for a referral boom

Referral ask script collection so you can finally Know exactly what to say to turn conversations into referrals

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It feels like referrals should just *happen*, when in reality, there's a crucial process you're probably missing. 

Three Plug and Play Referral Marketing Plans:
Tailored to fit any stage of your business, turning happy clients into your most passionate advocates.

Learn the art of the referral ask with this comprehensive script collection that breaks down the process into five simple, actionable steps

Complete with real-world examples, you'll master the nuances of what to say and how to say it to encourage more referrals naturally.

an inside look at dozens of other real estate agents schedules and routines so you can see how others are making it work

Here's what's inside

Simple, easy to follow plans and campaigns that can be started immediately and customized into limitless options

Lost touch with your past clients? no worries - we have the touch-base campaigns to get you back in good graces

With the Referral Mastery Guide, you're not just learning how to get more referrals; you're elevating your entire approach to real estate.

Instant Access Materials: Right after signing up, you'll receive a PDF workbook and Google Docs links for direct download. These resources are ready-to-use and customizable, enabling you to personalize scripts and templates to align with your unique voice and approach.

Referral Enhancement Tools:
  • Referral Ask Script Collection: Swap out the usual lines with these innovative scripts, designed to turn conversations into referral gold mines.
  • Transition Techniques: Learn how to smoothly shift casual chats into referral-generating discussions, ensuring you maximize every interaction.
  • Script Customization Guidelines: Tailor your referral asks with these guidelines to maintain authenticity while optimizing effectiveness.
  • Role-play Scenarios: Practice with real-world situations to hone your referral-asking skills, preparing you for various conversational landscapes.

With the Referral Mastery Guide, you're not just getting ideas; you're receiving a comprehensive toolkit to enhance your referral strategy, personalize your approach, and confidently convert conversations into valuable referrals.

Just $375

The Referral Mastery Guide is for You

You're All About Authentic Growth: If you believe in building your business on the strength of genuine relationships rather than pushy sales tactics or pricey ads, this guide is your playbook. It's designed for realtors who want to nurture a referral pipeline that's as authentic as it is effective.

You Value Strategic Communication: Perfect for agents who understand the power of the right words at the right time. If you're ready to learn the nuanced art of asking for referrals in a way that feels natural and builds rapport, this guide will turn those conversations into conversion engines.


You're Ready to Activate Your Network: Ideal if you're looking to transform every handshake and hello into a potential referral opportunity. Whether you're reigniting old flames with past clients or warming up your current connections, this guide provides the blueprint for a referral strategy that works tirelessly in the background of your busy career.

Get the guide for just $375

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Meet your coach

I'm Stefanie Lugo. Wanna learn how to create clients who create clients?

It's not just about closing the next deal; it's about building relationships that generate a continuous cycle of referrals. With a proven track record in the real estate industry, I've mastered the art of nurturing connections that don't just end at the sale. I believe in the power of genuine engagement and strategic networking, enabling you to grow your business organically and sustainably. Through the Referral Mastery Guide, I'm thrilled to share with you the exact strategies I've used and refined over the years.

So, if you're ready to ditch the high-pressure sales tactics and expensive marketing gimmicks for authentic and lasting client relationships, I'm here to guide you. Together, we'll unlock the potential of your network, transforming satisfied clients into your most passionate advocates. Let's create a referral-driven business that not only thrives but also resonates with the core of who you are as a real estate professional.

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your real estate business coach